The key step in the process of creating an Internet project is website design. At this stage, we agree upon the goals and the methods: you should come up with your requirements, and we will help you find the ways of their implementation.

During the design process, we foresee all strategic options to be implemented in the future, and think of each step of the visitor. The result of successful work completion at the stage of design is the availability of technical design assignment for designers, programmers and content authors.

An important moment in the process of website development is its interrelation with the plan of promoting your business in the Internet. In addition, high-quality design actively uses the results of such stages like "Marketing analysis of an Internet project" and "Studying target Internet audience".

As a result, you get:

  • Technical assignment for development;
  • Technical assignment for design;
  • Marketing analysis of the Internet project;
  • Studying the target Internet audience;
  • Project promotion plan.


Price of this service is fixed at $3000.