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Listohod is an electronic document flow system for rapidly growing companies and start-ups. It is intended for creation, approval and archiving of contracts, orders, technical specifications and any other documents.

In course of remote coordination of documents with multiple approvers in the traditional way, there are many difficulties: from kilometer-long e-mails, instant messengers, where it is impossible to figure things out, to losing valuable information if the process involves a lot of people, or the process is greatly stretched over time. There are solutions in the market that help to solve these problems, but most of them are challenging and massive systems of electronic document circulation. Their integration, implementation and maintenance require considerable time and costs.

That is why we have developed Listohod. Its key feature is the fact that it is incredibly simple, and it is its advantage. Within several minutes, you can register in the system and send your first document for approval to your colleagues or customers. It does not require assistance from an IT specialist, all you need is a computer and the Internet.

Therefore, Listohod helps to save time for approval, to avoid loss of information and to securely save your documents until you will need them again.